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Selected Abstracts for MEDCOM 2015 | Mass communication Conference 2015

Selected Abstracts for MEDCOM 2015

Name Title Country
Mr.Mohsen Shakerinejad Media and Ultramodern Colonialism Iran
Ms.Zahra Rezaali The role of virtual space on generational dialogue between parents and children Iran
Ms.Shangyuan Wu “Journalism Crisis” Paradigms beyond the Western World: Uncovering Perceptions of Journalism Ideals and Crisis among Newsworkers in Singapore and Hong Kong Canada
Mr.Mohadese Shariatmadar Differences between virtual and true character of social network Iran
Ms.Farmad Zahra Privacy in online social networks Iran
Ms.Rosario Jeannica Mae Family Picture:A Study On The Influence Of News Media On The Voting Public’s Perceived Image Of Political Dynasties In The Province Of Nueva Ecija Philippines
Prof.Ali Simsek Techno-Psychological Aspects of Social Media Behaviors Turkey
Prof.Hebatalla El Semary Modeling Digital Ethics or Regulating New Media: An Ongoing debate United Arab Emirates
Ms.Samaneh Samani Identity construction in virtual space; with an emphasis on instagram photos Iran
Mr.Emmanuel G.Domingo The Portrayal of Women in Selected 2013 Bubble Gang Segments as Perceived by DLSU-D Women Student Leaders Philippines
Ms.Zahra Rezaali The role of cyber space on Intergenerational dialogue between parents and children Iran
Ms.Navarro Julie Anne C The Changing Roles Of Filipino Fathers As Portrayed By Selected Television Commercials Philippines
Ms.Milad Navarbafi She’s a Mother and He’s a Father-A Study of Media Coverage of Female and Male Candidates during The 2014 US Senate Elections Iran
Mr.Yuanwei Lai Virtual Worlds And Consumption-An ethnographic study based on Second Life China
Mr.Hussaini Garba Mohammed Dummy the Sketch of a Newspaper Page Layout Nigeria
Mr.Khairul Hazrin Hashim 360 High Resolution Panoramic Screening of Malaysian Culture and Heritage Sites;
A Collaborative Project Between Two Media Research Centers.
Dr.Yaping XU Televised Documentary Testimonies As Strategic Propaganda: A Case Study on Four ‘Comfort Women’ Documentary Series of Stv China
Dr.Sergey Korolev Guilt, Shame and Self-Exposure as Benchmarks of Legal Communication Theory Russia
Mr.Morteza Oreizi Israeli Median war And Gaza: Cases of Study: Operations Pillar of Defense, Cast Lead & Protective Edge Iran
Ms.Najib,F Rhuma Duality in languages and identity Morocco as an example Libya
Mr.John Christian Dinco Stigmatizing Aids: A Content Analysis On Hiv/Aids-Related News Articles Published By Three
Philippine Major Broadsheets
Ms.Privorotnaya Anastasia Formation of sociocultural transnational space in Russian-Chinese border zone Russia
Dr.Yoyoh Hereyah Representation of Woman Politician In Political News
Feminism Political Economy Analysis on News
Mrs.Okoroafor Oluchi Emma The Effect Of Journalism Education On Journalism Practice Among Journalists In Nigeria Nigeria
Mrs.Okoroafor Oluchi Emma A Critical Analysis of Gender Discourse In Selected Nollywood Films Nigeria
Dr.Indiwan Seto Wahju Wibowo Representation of Indonesian Terrorism in Mass Media-Analysis How The Indonesian Newspaper, Koran Tempo (2010 Editions) Represent Indonesian Terrorism Indonesia
Dr.Adeline Nkwam–Uwaoma An Evaluation of South- East Nigerian Audience Perception of Television News Ticker Nigeria
Dr.Adeline Nkwam–Uwaoma Community Broadcasting And Rural Development In Nigeria Nigeria
Ms.Ezeoke,Chinwe Beatrice Influence of Sources of Information on Safe Sex Practices Among Adolesce Nts In Nigeria Nigeria
Ms.Ezeoke,Chinwe Beatrice An Analysis of Women’s Perception, Knowledge and Attitude Towards Media Reports of Utilization of Cervical Cancer Screening Services in Nigeria Nigeria
Dr.Laura Aymerich-Franch Exploring avatar personality preference in virtual worlds Spain
Ms.Zhong Li A Comparative Analysis of News Frames on Macao 5.25 Parade Among Three Newspapers in Macau and Hongkong China
Mr.F.X.Lilik Dwi Mardjianto Source Bias In Indonesian News Agency Indonesia
Ms.Birgitta B. Puspita Stereotype Representation of the Marginal Groups in Political Advertising during Indonesian Presidential Election Campaign 2014-Semiotics Analysis on Political Advertising during Indonesian Presidential Election Campaign 2014 Indonesia
Mr.Satria Kusuma Infotainment Violation Tendency toward the Standard of Broadcast Program of Indonesian Broadcasting Commission and Moral Norms Indonesia
Mr.Tendai Chari Discursive Constructions of the Germany-Brazil Semi-Final Match during the FIFA 2014 World Cup: The Limits of Football as a Soft Power Resource? South Africa
Mr.Wang Yunwen A Content Analysison Sina Weibo (China-based microblogs) about HPV Vaccine China
Mr.Fırat Çakkalkurt Convergence Of The Present And The Apocalytic Future:(Un)Changing Of The Guards In Planet Of The Apes Series Turkey
Ms.Chia-Ming Chang Innovation of A Smartphone App In Face-To-Face Communication For Deaf/Hard of Hearing United Kingdom
Dr.George Pavlou The Influence of D.W. Griffith’s Post-1913 Films on Film Today: Suspense And Resolution in The Birth of A Nation Cyprus
Mr.Inco Hary Perdana Creative Political Campaign in The 2014 General Elections in Indonesia Through Social Media Indonesia
Dr .fawzia Alali The internet and its psychological and social effaces in U.A.E adult U.A.E
Ms.Mediana Handayani How To See Poverty Through Charity Reality Show in Indonesia Indonesia
Ms.Glorya Agustiningsih Green Advertising As A New Form of Public Relations Advertising: A Strategy To Reinforce
Corporate Reputation
Ms.Jakub Morawski The Production of Images: Visual Culture and Philosophy of Aesthetics Hong Kong
Prof.Nkwam Uwaoma E-Mobile: A Boom For Nigerian E-Health Nigeria
Ms.Beyvers Eva Miriam Alexandra Communication Privacy and the Upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation Germany
Ms.Hooman Niloofar The Role of Smartphones on Iranian Couples’ Relationship: An Analysis Iran
Ms.Sabeen Jamil Journalism in Age of Twitter: Perceptions from Pakistan Pakistan
Dr. Yue Tan Risk Priming And Trust In Government Regulation Taiwan
Prof. Marci Mazzarotto TV And Video: Transforming Art And Communication Through Media USA
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