Call for paper MEDCOM 2022

Media and Communication Practices in The Post-Covid World: Problems, Opportunities and Perspectives

Social Media: Impacts, Future and Issues

  • Social Media Use: Promises and Expectations
  • Social Media Between Equality and Inequality
  • Social Media and Civic Participation
  • Social Media: What Future?
  • Communication and Multi-Media Campaigns
  • Digital Activism and Alternative Media
  • New Technologies and Innovation
  • During and after the COVID-19 Lockdown: The Role of Social Media in
  • Worldwide Emergency
  • Fake News

Public Sector Communication

  • Public Service Media: What Future?
  • Communication Policy and Regulation
  • Communication and Multi-Media Campaigns
  • Law and Policy
  • Crisis Communication
  • Media Law and Regulation
  • Public Sector Communication in the COVID-19 Emergency.

Multiculturalism, Cultural Studies, Youth and Gender Communication

  • International Communication
  • Asian Perspectives on Communication
  • Critical and Cultural Studies, Youth, Gender and Communication
  • Media and Globalization
  • Media and Migrants
  • Media and Different Cultures
  • Gender Equality and Language
  • Gender Equality and Media
  • Gender Equality and Communication
  • Media Coverage of Migration and Solidarity Networks
  • Mass Communication, Society and Globalization
  • Social Inequalities and COVID-19 Urban Life
  • International Media with Covid 19

Health Communication, Emergency and Environmental Studies

  • Communication of Prevention
  • Risk, Stigma and Health Communication
  • Disaster Coverage in The Media
  • Metaphor and Climate Change
  • Doctor-Patients Communication
  • Media, Climate Change and Environmental Studies
  • Disaster Communication
  • Communication and Violence
  • Health Communication, Emergency, Prevention, Crisis Communication, and
  • Environmental Studies in the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Public Health Communication with The Covid-19 Pandemic

Digital Communication Technology 

  • Digital Communication Channels
  • Advantages of Digital Communication
  • Barriers to Digital Communication
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • New Media
  • Semiotics
  • Digital Communication Policies

Media Education

  • Media Education Research
  • Media and Literacies
  • Research and Education
  • New Technologies and Education
  • Gamification in Education
  • Media, Information and Communication Literacy
  • Media Education
  • Explaining COVID-19 and Media Education
  • Online Education Activity During the COVID-19 Lockdown/Emergency

Media and Corporate

  • Work in Media and Communication Industries
  • Communication Policy and Regulation
  • Media as a Global Business
  • Media and Sport (Also, Olympics Coverage)
  • Media Management
  • Media Management and Economics
  • Telecommunications
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Communication Facing the COVID-19 Outbreak


  • Journalism Research and Education
  • Media and Journalism
  • Magazine
  • Web-Based Journalism
  • Scholastic Journalism
  • Newspaper
  • Radio-TV Journalism:
  • Radio, Television and Entertainment Studies
  • COVID-19 In Newspaper and Journalism

Political Communication and/or Freedom of Speech

  • Political Communication and Media
  • Media Politics
  • Media and Democracy
  • Media Ethics
  • Political Discourse and Mediatization of Politics
  • Alternative and Community Media
  • Grassroots Movements and Communication
  • NGO’s and Communication
  • Freedom of Speech/Express

Theory Of Communication, Languages and Media

  • Emotions and Communication Media
  • Cognitive Processes and Communication
  • Contemporary Communication and Media Representations
  • Language and Representation
  • Communication Theory and Social Change
  • Communication Theory and Methodology
  • History of Linguistic Theory
  • Mass Communication, History and Society
  • Communication and Culture
  • Media Narratives and Social Realities
  • Narratives in Contemporary Communication
  • Media Audiences
  • Metaphors, Stereotypes and Framing Effect
  • Languages and Symbols in Communicating COVID-19
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Communication and Gender Studies
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Popular Culture / Communication
  • Rhetoric and Public Address