Conference Objectives

As with the emerging trends in the development of man media paradigms, the media world is rapidly being transformed and the information management thinking is racing to keep pace. The result is a bewildering profusion of information and communication theories, concepts and fashions that often replace each other before they can become widely established. Media can be central factors of cultural change as well as collective imagery both locally and globally. The primary objective of 5th World Conference on Media and Mass Communications (MEDCOM 2019) is to search for new scientific and professional paradigms that help in the interpretation and accompaniment for Change in Media and Media for Change in the 21st Century.

Other than the primary objective, the 5th World Conference on Media and Mass Communications (MEDCOM 2019) is also designed for the career development of all the participants in many ways. The MEDCOM 2019 conference has been designed by TIIKM Research and Development team together with many experts in the field of Media and Mass Communications including Best Researchers, Media Scientists, Industry Experts, Policymakers, Activists and many more related experts.

There are research presentations with discussions i.e. Round table Discussions, storytelling sessions, publication workshop, conference chair workshop, networking opportunities along with the highest grade of publication opportunities at MEDCOM 2019. Therefore, the conference will provide a key platform for the development of researchers with international and diversified knowledge and experiences, enhancing the quality decision making of policymakers while promoting the highest utilization of research knowledge. Eventually, the participants will be able to experience for productive and efficient product development in the industry as well as in the corporate sector.

Overall the MEDCOM 2019 is aligned with the sustainable development goal 4: Quality Education and the conference will be a significant part of achieving SDG’s make our earth a better place for everyone.

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