robert s. fortner


[ Plenary Speaker ]

Professor of Communication and Media
Palm Beach Atlantic University

Speech Title: “Twitter, Ethics and Civil Discourse in the Time of COVID.” 

After completing his Ph.D. in the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois, Robert Fortner entered the academy as a professor. H3 has taught at Northwestern University, Drake University, the State University of New York, George Washington University, Calvin University, the American University in Bulgaria, Hope College and Palm Beach Atlantic University. He maintains his connection to the University of Illinois as a Research Scholar.

He has also taught courses at the University of Addis Ababa, and Uganda Christian University, and lectured at universities in Kenya, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia, and Taiwan. He has written or edited twelve books, with a thirteenth to be published this summer. His areas of research include international communication, political economy, new technologies and implications for human life, philosophy of technology, cultural history, intercultural communication, and communication ethics, especially in the global arena.

His latest book examines Ethics in the Digital Domain. He has also worked extensively with many international organizations in more than forty countries, including many in post-conflict situations. He has advised many international radio organizations on applications of new technologies, ethics, and the impacts of media programs on HIV/AIDS prevention, reduction in domestic violence, anti-corruption initiatives and achieving peace. He has conducted research and provided counsel to the BBC, Radio Deutsche Welle, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Voice of America. He continues to be Director of the International Center for Media Studies, which provides research data on communication technology development in the two-thirds world.