We are all storytellers: being a storyteller is part of what makes us human, distinguishing us from other living beings. MEDCOM 2020 strives to bring together storytellers from our attendees that help us learn about each other outside of the framework of a formal conference paper. In the spirit of the ongoing work of media and communication, this storytelling session will take place within the Conference,  on 2nd and 3rd day. We all know the power of storytelling. Stories spark emotion. Appeal to our human side, connect people, inspire and create change.

All of our attendees, from media and communication and  related fields, have an opportunity to share your inspiring story. MEDCOM storytellers will get the opportunity to share your story in the following categories and modes of presentation:

  • Success Stories—personal and project achievements, joyful accomplishments
  • Narratives
  • Documentary films
  • Short fiction films
  • Performance art—poetry, song, short dramas


How to submit your work

  • Send your original work to on or before 30th October 2019 with your biography.
  • Your work should be submitted in English
  • After submission, please acknowledged receipt via an email within three working days.
  • Submissions must be in English or with English subtitles.
  • All stroytellers will be notified of acceptance with in two weeks.

Each storyteller will be given a 30-minute slot in the session including the discussion time.



Once you notified with the acceptence of your research work ,


Register for the session – Click Here>>

Pay the fee – Click Here>>

Reserve your slot.

(The Storytelling session will be held during the conference period. The exact date and the time of the session will be announced with the final conference program one month prior to the conference These performances will be ongoing throughout the day, and attendees can join at any point.)