Call for Papers

The 4th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2018

You are welcome to send your abstract to The 4th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication which will be held from 5th – 7th April 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand under the theme “Power of Media : Shaping the Future”. The process of communication has evolved since the inception of devices that has accounted for ease in message transfer mitigating errors that occurred traditionally. Media is considered to be the most vital component as it deals with information which is required to be adequate and timely imparted. The MEDCOM ’18 is believed to serve as the platform for knowledge transferring in relevance to the future of Media and Mass Communication.

The 4th world conference on Media and Mass Communication will provide a global platform where fresh knowledge, latest trends, innovations in media and mass communication can be presented and discussed. The conference will bring together academicians, industry experts and policymakers to one place and create a global platform to share the research findings, innovations, experiences in the field of media and mass communication.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to

Conference Tracks

  • media content: image and representation
  • public service media: what future?
  • Social media
  • Narratives in contemporary communication
  • Media narratives and social realities
  • Social media use: promises and expectations
  • Media politics
  • Social media between equality and inequality
  • Communication theory and social change
  • Contemporary communication and media representations
  • Radio, Television, and Entertainment Studies
  • Radio-TV Journalism
  • Social Media
  • Mass Communication, Society and Globalization
  • Media Audiences
  • Media, Climate Change and Environmental Studies
  • Media Education
  • Media Education Research
  • Media Ethics (Copyright and Intellectual Property)
  • Work in media and communication industries
  • Social media and civic participation
  • Political discourse and mediatization of politics
  • Digital activism and alternative media
  • Media coverage of migration and solidarity networks
  • Disaster communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Communication and violence
  • Grassroots movements and communication
  • Communication and Multi-Media Campaigns
  • Communication Policy and Regulation
  • Communication Technology and Digital Media
  • Communication Theory and Methodology
  • Communications
  • Contemporary Theatre and Performance
  • Film Studies
  • Mass Communication History
  • Public Relations
  • Media, Information and Communication Literacy
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