Virtual Presentations

01 Management of Public Relations Crisis Facing Digital Disruption
Gayatri A. (University of Al -Azhar Indonesia, Indonesia)
02 The Education and Training of Foreign Correspondents Working in the U.S. from Belgium and The Netherlands
Cynthia C. Vleugels (Oklahoma State University, United States)
03 Informal Television Format Adaptation: Tensions Between Informal Adaptations and Specific Cultural Forms of Production in Nigeria’s Media Industry
Anyanwu, K. (Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland)
04 Dynamics of Media Group-Ownership : A Case Study Radio Industry In Indonesia
Irwa R. Zarkasi (Al Azhar Indonesia University, Indonesia)
05 Media Consumption Habits of Young Women In Kashmir
Muntaha Mehraj Hafiz (Central University of Kashmir India)
06 Slow Heritage through Fast Media: Ensuring Civic Participation through Social Media
Sargam Mehra (Doon University, India)
07 Effects and Consequences of Technology on Learning and Innovative Educational Strategies
Giusi Antonia Toto (University of Foggia, Italy)
08 Portrayal of Muslims in Bollywood Cinemas

Hiya Deb (Freelance Editor, India)

09 New Goals for Climate Change Communication
Laura Laportella (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)
10 Covering the Caribbean to Death? The International Media’s Coverage of Caribbean Disasters
R. S. Whyte (Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica)
11 An Investigation into the Perceptions and the Influences on Foreign News Reporting – Case Study: Egypt’s 2013 Uprising
Farghally F Ameera (Cardiff University, United Kingdom)
12 Managing Sales & Marketing of Malaysian Islamic Television: The TV Al Hijrah Experience

D.A. Bakar (Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia)

13 Social Media Utilization for Community Development: A Study of Non-Profit Organizations in Malaysia

Cheryl W, Sriganeshvarun N (INTI International University Nilai, Malayasia)