Welcome to Medcom 2020+1

“6th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication”. The event should have been held in presence in 2020 but due to Covid-19 pandemic it was postponed to 2021.This is the reason for the name of the congress “Medcom 2020+1”. The event will therefore be held this year but, unfortunately, it will be entirely online for security reasons.


The event is organized by the International Institute for Knowledge Management (TIIKM), together with the University of Cagliari, the University Hospital of Cagliari, the University Tor Vergata inRome. Italy and Sardinia in particular are the scenery of a debate whose central theme is communication and cultural changes, with a focus on social communication and health, public communication and non-discriminatory communication. A particular attention is also paid to the ongoing changes in the way of making information and publishing.


The conference represents an important opportunity for academics, structured and independent researchers, artists and professionals who revolve around the world of communication and media.Communication professionals, scholars, researchers are involved. Medcom is now a fundamental event in the world of communication because it offers an opportunity of dialogue and, every year, it gives hundreds of researchers and experts from all over the world, not only Western, the chance to discuss. A very important event for all professionals in the sector: from public administration to publishing, to corporate communication, to social networks.


The world of communication runs fast and we always need be ready to meet the challenges that innovation and citizens’ preferences pose to us.